Who We Are

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30 Years of Helping Our Clients Grow

Since 1989, Braver Technology Solutions has been partnering with small- and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) in Eastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island. We provide exceptional IT products and services that enable our clients to continually grow their business. But we don’t just provide the latest software or newest computers. We deliver agile, customized IT services and solutions that meet the operational needs and strategic goals of our clients’ business.


Your Success Is Our Success

Our goal is to help your business succeed by turning your technology into a competitive advantage. Braver provides enterprise-level capabilities at small business prices for maximum ROI, and we will dedicate ourselves to your business because the only way we succeed and grow is by helping you succeed and grow.

Meet the dedicated team of tech experts who will always be there for you

Kenny“The first car I owned was a pink Rambler” 
Jessica“I enjoy crafting, hiking, and spending time with family.” 
Shaun“I love spending time with my family in the good ol’ outdoors” 
Mike T“I’m a craft beer enthusiast” 
Saron“After college, I traveled all across the States and visited countries around the world but I’ve never been to Vermont” 
Carlos“My favorite things are my family and basketball!” 
Matt“I Like Them Apples” 
Jenn"I was a Girl Scout leader for 14 years... I am always prepared for anything!"
Kevin“I saw the band Nirvana in the mid 90s. I have never met anyone that has seen them live. Until I started working for Braver. Joanne and I were talking one day and discovered we were at the same concert. We also worked for the same company around the same time and never knew each other.” 
Ben“Sometimes I just feel like I’m Batman” 
James“Techy by day... Musician by night... spending time with my family making memories every chance I get.” 
Mike M“I’m an avid Harley rider” 
Scott“I am a avid runner and enjoy running 5k’s and walking my dogs. I also enjoy hanging out with my family." 
Jo-Anne“On a trip to Maine, we were eating lunch and Stephen King was in the next booth. He was super friendly, chatted with us and even signed my book – The Dark Tower: The Gunslinger.” 
Ryan“I’m learning how to play guitar 
Eric“I've achieved master listener status on Audible, and I have two nearly identical black cats that like to switch places when no one is looking"
Keith “I have a passion for archery and beard cultivation."