Marsha G

Braver Technology Solutions is always prompt

We have been working with Braver Technology for over 20 years. Last year when we suffered an issue with our server and all of our data, Braver was on the spot immediately to help us through the crisis. Since we had onsite and offsite backup we were able to restore our data with no data loss. They worked diligently to scrub our server and to ensure that no further threat was present. I myself have been with my organization for over 23 years. When I first came to work there, we did have another IT firm. The fact that we switched to you speaks for itself. Whenever a problem has arisen Braver Technology Solutions is always prompt with a phone call to ask what our issue is and I feel our issues are resolved quickly. If I knew of someone on the fence about choosing an IT firm I would certainly just give them a copy of this message.

Marsha G.