Manufacturing Technology Solutions

IT Support for Manufacturing Organizations

Many manufacturers lack the resources or time to keep on top of evolving technologies, let alone improve upon critical business intelligence & production data already in place.

With our IT support and managed services, we help organizations cut costs and implement smart manufacturing processes that comply with regulations, quality control, and safety standards required for the industry.

We understand that every business is different. We will take a deep dive
into your day-to-day operations and create a custom technology plan that
compliments what you do and how you do it. Braver’s Manufacturing IT Solutions are custom-tailored to cover everything from the floor to the back-office operations. Most importantly, this manufacturer-specific service line is built to eliminate as much expensive downtime as humanly possible.

We believe in avoiding problems altogether, and with our proactive monitoring
approach, this will happen. We watch over your network to detect and resolve
issues before they become a problem. Always being there for you, and we’re
always willing to do what it takes to help your staff. Our promise to your
business is to deliver high-quality support, expert advice, and permanent
solutions no matter what.


We Can Help Your Team


The manufacturing industry has faced a rapidly changing landscape over the past few years. In the current digital age, your business needs the right communication and collaboration technology to support its operations. With the right tools and the help of our IT experts, your people can be more efficient and productive by harnessing all the advantages of our amazing technology partners.


You deserve a committed partner. 24 x7 support with live, friendly specialists who will always be there for you, whether you need them onsite or remotely, in the office, or working from home. You deserve specialists, IT experts who understand the day-to-day technology challenges faced in your industry, with service offerings designed specifically for a business like yours.


With the power of Cloud technology, your systems can be available to your team anytime and anywhere. Our cloud services, such as Microsoft Office 365 or virtual desktops, help manufacturing leaders sort through, access, and share organization information in a secure manner from any device or location to enhance productivity and flexibility. Our approach to communication tools and infrastructure is grounded in our understanding of your unique needs.


Protecting your organization's future requires a seamless continuity plan. Ensuring your business has 24/7 data restoration, backup coverage, and is operating at peak performance, allows you to focus on driving your mission. Turn to a business continuity expert to ensure maximum uptime. We will help you proactively protect against disruptions and establish plans to maintain operations when they happen.

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We know someone will always be there

We know someone will always be there

Since moving to Priority Care, we feel secure 24/7 that our businesses are protected and being monitored by professionals. We know that we can always call and someone will be there on the other end of the phone to assist us. It’s also helpful to us and more efficient to only have ...Read More

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