Fun Tips and Tricks for IPhone

Apple excels at providing its customers with the most user and environment friendly devices as ever. They keep on updating its system if when error is found and are known to match the requirements of customers more than any other company. An apple device is packed with a cool design, amazing features and a sophisticated layout with durability.

Thanks for That Mariah!

There seems to be a lot of cross fire between Mariah Carey and Dick Cark Productions for the botched performance on New Year’s Eve. However, there is one big lesson that we should take away from the night.
If you haven’t seen the train wreck then here is a video link to it.

What the Heck is a BEC

$33 Million and Counting in New England Email Scam
The Problem:
BEC’s “Business Email Compromise” scams are on an increase. What makes these attacks different is the method. The attacker sends a normal email unlike other types of attacks. These emails are typically either manually written for a specific individual or set to select a very small target audience.