In just 10 minutes you can improve your network and data security practices.

How to become a cyber-resilient organization
Our quarterly Cybersecurity Training Webinars will provide everything you need to educate your organization to withstand and combat cyberattacks – Register today!

2FA, Two Factor Authentication: How and Why (Set-Up)
Because passwords are historically weak, and with it becoming increasingly easy for cybercriminals to guess passwords, 2FA is more important than ever.
Download the 2FA Set-up Quick Reference Sheet.

How to Spot Phishing Emails
This training focused on spotting phishing emails to keep your personal and business networks safe. *This training runs for 30 min.

Download the Social Engineering-Red Flag Quick Reference Sheet.

Microsoft Teams

Our Microsoft Teams Training, step-by-step tutorials for beginners will provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge in quick 10 minute parts, allowing you an easy way to take advantage of everything Microsoft Teams has to offer. Your organization will be able to connect with confidence using Teams as the perfect integration for in-house as well as remote work, providing a centralized workspace for your teams to communicate and collaborate online and maximize work productivity by allowing internal chat, file sharing/collaboration, and meetings all in one place.

Teams, The Basics
Check out our quick beginner tutorial and learn the basics on how to use the Teams application and learn how to navigate and perform some basic actions.

Download the Teams Quick Start Guide

Teams, Video Conferencing
Learn how to utilize video conferencing in the Teams application.

Teams, Using Chat
Learn how to utilize the chat feature to connect with your team in the Teams application.

Teams, Using Files
Learn how to utilize and take some key actions using files in the Teams application.

Microsoft Office Suite: Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint 

In just a few minutes you can improve your productivity and find yourself working more efficiently. Whether you want to be an Outlook expert, Excel guru, Windows 10 pro, or just save time, you'll appreciate these tricks + tips.

Outlook, Tips for your Inbox
5 tips to help make your inbox more efficient!

5 Quick Tips For Excel Users
5 tips for working in Excel, and some solutions for common Excel issues. (This is an older webinar - so it runs @25min.)

A quick how-to and the difference between the two functions. This function allows you to quickly look for values in a dataset and return the corresponding value in some other row/column.

Microsoft Office 365, Windows 10 + Adobe 

In just a few minutes you can learn how to get more work done, from anywhere on any device with Microsoft 365 and Windows 10. Communicate, collaborate, and improve productivity across the team and organization.

Microsoft Forms - Organize your life with Surveys, Quizzes, and Polls!
Explore this terrific application which allows you to create online forms, surveys/quizzes, and even polls making it easy to share with others.

Windows 10, Amazing Shortcuts
Some exciting Windows shortcuts to help make your life easier!
Download our Windows Shortcuts Quick Reference Sheet.

Adobe Acrobat - Create, Combine, Extract + Edit
If you create, send, or view PDFs on a regular basis, these tips and tricks can help you boost productivity and efficiency. Learn how to combine, edit, convert, extract, organize and collect data.