Microsoft Teams

Our Microsoft Teams Training, step-by-step tutorials for beginners will provide you with a solid foundation of knowledge in quick 10 minute parts, allowing you an easy way to take advantage of everything Microsoft Teams has to offer. Your organization will be able to connect with confidence using Teams as the perfect integration for in-house as well as remote work, providing a centralized workspace for your teams to communicate and collaborate online and maximize work productivity by allowing internal chat, file sharing/collaboration, and meetings all in one place.

Teams, The Basics

Check out our quick beginner tutorial and learn the basics on how to use the Teams application and learn how to navigate and perform some basic actions.

Teams, Video Conferencing

Learn how to utilize video conferencing in the Teams application.

Teams, Using Chat

Learn how to utilize the chat feature to connect with your team in the Teams application.

Teams, Using Files

Learn how to utilize and take some key actions using files in the Teams application.

Microsoft Outlook

In just 10 minutes you can improve your Microsoft Outlook productivity and find yourself working more efficiently. Whether you want to be an Outlook expert or just save time, you'll appreciate these Outlook tips.

Outlook, Tips for your Inbox

5 tips to help make your inbox more efficient!


Windows 10

In just 10 minutes you can improve your productivity and work more efficiently using Windows 10.


Windows 10, Amazing Shortcuts

Some exciting Windows shortcuts to help make your life easier!

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