Businesses that don’t transition to the cloud get left behind

Braver offers cloud-based solutions for on-demand services, computer networks, storage, applications, and resources, accessed via the internet through a cloud computing infrastructure. The benefits of these cloud-based solutions include increased capacity, scalability, functionality.

The Advantage

The ability to access cloud-based solutions from anywhere with an internet connection paired with the widespread adoption of smartphones and faster mobile networks has given our clients a clear competitive advantage. Transitioning to and managing the cloud can also be a very cost-effective alternative to traditional network setups. You can store tons of data accessible from anywhere on cloud platforms, often for free. If you measure that against the number of external hard drives and USBs you’d have to purchase, and the difficulty accessing data once you’ve stored it on multiple devices, you can see why cloud storage has become popular.


If security is your main concern, you should understand that the data you save to the cloud is far more secure than it is on your own hard drive. In addition to the cloud servers being stored offsite, heavily guarded, and away from most personnel, the data is also encrypted, making hacking extremely laborious, if not a formidable task for criminals. Compare that to a malware infection on your computer that could expose all of your data to cybercrooks, and even leave your files vulnerable to ransomware threats.


Our cloud solutions grow your business and give you all the advantages of the cloud at a small-business price. For a flat monthly fee, we’ll host and manage your infrastructure and applications off-site for secure, streamlined, and leaner operations. We implement stringent cybersecurity protocols, automatically back up data, and provide remote, on-demand access. You’ll enjoy improved productivity, workflow agility, customer service, and profits.

We have the experience to lead an easy and seamless migration from a traditional computing environment to a cloud-based platform

Our cloud solutions grow your business with:

  • Simple scalability so you can easily expand or reduce your storage space and computing resources to meet demand
  • Multilayered security features like firewalls, email protection, and 24/7 monitoring that ensure your data is never compromised
  • Always available IT infrastructure and data for zero downtime
  • Reduced hardware management and maintenance costs
  • Increased collaboration, mobility, and security with the latest cloud versions of all the Office 365 productivity apps and features