Small businesses are cybercriminals’ favorite targets

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Despite the constant growth and evolution of cyber threats, many SMBs lack sufficient protection, either because they feel they won’t be targeted or they don’t have the resources to implement and maintain the latest cyber defenses. But Braver Technology Solutions has your solution.

Protect your business with best-in-class cyber defenses for an affordable flat-rate monthly fee

We audit your IT environments, policies, and procedures to identify your risks and then provide the most effective, tailored solutions. You’ll have a dedicated team of experts proactively testing for weaknesses while monitoring, investigating, and eradicating cyber threats around the clock. We also conduct post-threat analyses to continuously learn and stay ahead of potential attacks, so you never suffer from downtime, costly recovery operations, or weakened customer trust.

58% of cyberattack victims are small businesses. 60% of those companies don’t survive the attack.* Don’t become a statistic. Contact Braver today.

*Forbes 2019

Our cybersecurity suite guards your business with:

  • Email encryption software and filters that protect your outgoing information and inboxes from spam, phishing, viruses, and ransomware
  • Managed Wi-Fi configurations with strict user access and inbound traffic controls
  • Real-time scanning, penetration testing, and threat identification for servers, desktops, and mobile devices
  • Content filtering to block suspicious and undesirable websites
  • Up-to-the-minute software updates and upgrades to defend against the latest malware
  • Real-time dark web scanning